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  • Chiang Rai Cheese

    Chiang Rai Cheese

    Chiang Rai Cheese is a place where you can try and buy a lot of different home made cheese, meet some goats and have fun.   It is for the moment only open Saturdays 
  • Baan Chivit Mai Bakery, Chiang Rai

    Baan Chivit Mai Bakery

    The business was started in 1989 and carried out in the capital Bangkok and in Chiang Rai , far north of Thailand. By BaanChivitMai get vulnerable children and young people a place to live and the opportunity to attend school. BaanChivitMai also runs a home for HIV - ill children and working on and...
  • Aui Fa Restaurant in Chiang Rai

    Aui Fa Restaurant on the road to Santiburi

    This is a very nice place with very good food. They have many different Thai and Western dishes.  Burgers, Steaks, Pasta and Pizza is on the Menu. The owner is Thai but have been working in Australia and speaks very good English.  Outside is a perfect restored Rambler from 1957 and inside...
  • Rasee Restaurant Mae Chan

    Rasee Restaurant on the road to Mae Sai

    In the middle of a half busy day I passed Mae Chan and it was time for lunch. So I wanted to try the new restaurant there, The Rasee Restaurant. They are serving a lot of European food, steaks, salmon, pizza, pasta etc etc.  I tried one of the pizzas with peperone and I also ordered a cold...
  • Indian Restaurant on Yet Yod Chiang Rai

    Indian Restaurant close to Clock Tower

    March 2016 a new Indian Restaurant opened on Yet Yod just 80 meter south of the Clock Tower.  It is a very nice place and the food is really good and not expensive.  Three dishes and three Beer Lao Lager costed 590 baht and that was for two people.  Recommended!   
  • Pho Chai noodles in Chiang Rai

    Pho Chai on Yet Yod

    This is a very popular place for both Thai people and Western people. They are serving noodles (Khao Soi Gai etc) in different ways and with great taste.  Many say it is the best noodles in Northern Thailand! The owners are connected to/family with Chalermchai Kositpipat, the artist that...
  • Yok Lor, Chiang Rai

    Yok Lor

    This is a very popular place for Thai people having lunch.   They are serving many different Thai dishes but for me their noodles are very special.     
  • Cabbage and Condoms, Chiang Rai

    Cabbage and Condoms

    Cabbage and Condoms is a part of The Population and Community Development Association [PDA] PDA was first active in promoting family planning in urban and rural areas of Thailand, where knowledge of and access to such services were scarce.  The idea was that Condoms should be found as easy and...
  • Chang Puak Camp, Chiang Rai

    Elephant Show

    There is a new "Elephant Camp" outside Chiang Rai. It justed started in beginning of 2016.  They have Elephant Riding, an Elephant Show, Crocodile Show, ATV Adventure (4-wheels MC trips) and some hilltribes. If you go south on Super Highway 1 and where you turn right to go to White Temple,...
  • 10. Meditation and Buddhism

      E X C U R S I O N S       C H I A N G   R A I       Content: A five-day stay at Wat Doi Incee Chedi, a temple amazingly nice situated with a view of the whole Chiang Rai area (about 15 km from the city). Quiet, peaceful and...