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  • Yok Lor, Chiang Rai

    Yok Lor

    This is a very popular place for Thai people having lunch.   They are serving many different Thai dishes but for me their noodles are very special.     
  • Cabbage and Condoms, Chiang Rai

    Cabbage and Condoms

    Cabbage and Condoms is a part of The Population and Community Development Association [PDA] PDA was first active in promoting family planning in urban and rural areas of Thailand, where knowledge of and access to such services were scarce.  The idea was that Condoms should be found as easy and...
  • Chang Puak Camp, Chiang Rai

    Elephant Show

    There is a new "Elephant Camp" outside Chiang Rai. It justed started in beginning of 2016.  They have Elephant Riding, an Elephant Show, Crocodile Show, ATV Adventure (4-wheels MC trips) and some hilltribes. If you go south on Super Highway 1 and where you turn right to go to White Temple,...
  • Bella Pizza Chiang Rai

    Bella Pizza and Steaks

    If you are looking for a good pizza then you can find it at Bella Pizza. He has 25 different pizza's on his menu plus steaks, soups and some Thai food. More than thirty years ago mr Bella and his brother went to Sweden to work in an Italian restaurant in Upsala. He stayed 3 years and his brother...
  • Meridien Resort, Chiang Rai

    Sunday Brunch at Meridien Resort

    The Sunday Brunch at Meridien Resort is something Special! It is a different menu every Sunday and the menu is not small. There are around 10-12 Appetisers, around 10 Hot Dishes, 12-15 Desserts plus some extras. You pay 700-750 baht per person and if you go for "Free Flow of Wine" you add another...
  • Khung Baan Suwan or The Schrimp Garden

     Here is the place for the shrimp/prawn lover. They serve the shrimps in all the ways you can imagine plus a few more. The garden has a big pond and the photos here don't show how nice it is in reality. Hopefully we can update the photos later.
  • Moom Mai, Restaurant in Traditional Thai Style

    Here is the place where you can find fantastic Thai food served in a very nice environment. You can choose to sit outside in the beautiful garden or inside the restaurant. In evenings you can listen to both Western and Thai ballads live and it is never too loud.
  • Barrab, just 100meter from the Clocktower

    This is a very popular restaurant both for Thai people and for tourists.  They have a lot of very tasty Thai dishes.  A Pad Thai Khung, stir fried noodles with schrimps, and a small Chang beer cost 135 baht.  Then you can have Mango with Sticky rice after and you are not leaving...
  • Artbridge Chiang Rai

    Artbridge in Chiang Rai

    ArtBridge is a non-government funded community-based artist collective that seeks to further nurture and support the arts within Thailand. Located in Chiang Rai conveniently next to the airport, visitors and locals alike can enjoy all that ArtBridge has to offer. Featuring a large gallery space,...
  • OubKham Museum in Chiang Rai

    OubKham Museum in Chiang Rai

    The name of the museum is derived from an "oub" or woven bamboo basket pasted with gold (Thongkham) leaves. The museum features the local ethnic way of life, going back to the old days, to the reign of the Kings of Lanna. The display of many rare antiquities has won the museum honors as one of the...